The Incessant Cook ; a bit about my blog

Hello everyone,

I created this blog to demonstrate how easy cooking can really be.  It’s amazing how many people just assume they can’t cook, when in reality they are just as capable as I am.  All you have to do is follow a recipe word for word, and I promise the outcome will be delicious.  I’ll make sure to demonstrate simple, tasty recipes that even a first-timer can succeed with.

Through this blog, I also hope to develop my writing skills.  It’s weird to think that I’m a journalism major and I don’t even have much writing under my belt.  My literature teacher scarred me for life by making us write annotation essays on British Literature.   That being said, once I wrapped my head around the idea that all writing doesn’t have to do with Othello and Jane Austen, I got more excited.  Now I cannot wait to start posting recipes and pictures and sharing my passion for food.

Hope you enjoy!



P.S.  You can expect my first recipe (muffins) to be up by Thursday :).


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