My Brownie Disaster

You’re probably expecting to see pictures of a decadent “disaster” of brownies drizzled with chocolate syrup and ice cream, and chocolate chips and what not.  But, I’m sorry, there are no pictures.  In fact, I discarded any evidence that my attempt ever happened.

Just be grateful that I’m sharing it with words, because it’ll cost me my pride.

The Disaster

Here’s what happened.

Two of my friends came over to study at my house, so we decided to make something sweet (because that’s what girls do).  Brooklyn suggested cookies, but I suggested brownies.  I guess I had the last say; because we made attempted to make brownies.

For some reason, I was in a rush to make these brownies.  I don’t quite know why.  Maybe it was because I wanted to start studying already?  (As nerdy as that is, I think that was why).

Regardless, as soon as we stepped through my front door, I sprinted to the kitchen and started grabbing bowls and spoons and ingredients.  Next, I did my usual quick Google search and found a recipe named “chocolate fudge brownies”, which was right up my alley.  I was craving chocolate, as always.

So, I followed the recipe and melted the butter and cocoa, and everything was fine.  I threw in an egg and some vanilla, and everything was still fine.  Then, I added the final two ingredients: baking soda and flour….

Notice anything missing?  Maybe you caught my slip up, but I sure didn’t.  We expected to see a smooth fudgie batter emerge, but, oddly, our batter turned into a flubber ball the more we mixed.


“I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to be, Lauren” Paula said.  “Just keep stirring, I’m sure it’ll come out great!” said the idiot (me).

We stirred away…and then tried the batter.  It had to be thrown away.  It was a grainy, gross, bland, stretchy disgusting mess.  I could go on and on with the adjectives.  I had no idea what we did wrong.  Sadly, we balled up the excuse for a dessert and tossed it away.  Thank God.

I would like to say that the brownie fail can be attributed to the recipe, but honestly, it was all my fault.  Somehow, I added flour instead of sugar.  How?  Because I rushed.  I’m always in a rush.  I need to calm myself and take things slowly every once in a while, or I’ll make mistakes like that.

The moral of the story?  Have patience, or something as simple as brownies can turn into a total fail.


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