Where does the Time Go?

It’s Saturday, and I’m positioned on my couch typing a million words a minute.  I’ve got to pick up on the pace on my posts.  Just yesterday, it seems, I was complaining about last Monday.  Now it’s already Saturday, and I’m dreading next Monday.  Again.  Where does the time go?

I should expect time to fly by when I have so much on my plate.  I’m taking 5 classes (one of them Japanese) so the majority of my time is spent studying.  Plus, I’m on banner and sign committee for AOII, so I’ve had to help decorate banners like crazy these past couple of weeks.

Even more chaotic, last week was filled to the brim with big little — the equivalent to Christmas within a sorority. <– (You probably think I’m exaggerating).  But really, our littles (new AOII members) are showered with gifts.  Each big sister surprises her little with an enormous wicker basket filled with AOII goodies.  I’ll give you an idea as to how much effort goes into big little by describing all of the gifts I crafted for Hanna, my little.

Basket Contents:

The above gifts were solely the handcrafted gifts.  I also presented her with an embroidered blanket, two AOII shirts (one embroidered especially for our AOII family), pretzels, a turvis tumbler, and a fabric pin with the word “lil” printed on it.  You get the picture; she had a gorgeous basket :).

Hanna was well-worth the time I spent decorating.  She has a sarcastic sense of humor, loves working out  (she’s an ex-gymnast — sooo cool), studies hard, and takes beer pong very seriously.

The last trait is most important… (just kidding heh).

But really, I can already call her a great friend of mine, and it’s only been a couple months.  If we get any closer we’ll be joined at the hip …literally!

Strangely, all of the effort I was willing to — better yet wanting to — put into big-little surprised me.  When I first joined AOII last spring, I never would have imagined feeling this vested in the organization.

I attribute my positive feelings towards AOII to this fall’s recruitment.  During the one week process, my sisters and I all had one common goal; to recruit the best girls for our house.   The long hours spent beside with my chapter solidified my place in AOII.  In my eyes, I had finally proved my dedication to the sorority.  I no longer felt I was trying to fit in, because I had made so many true friends who liked me for my own self.

So sentimental.

Oh, and I almost forgot what else I did….

I also had to craft 12 signs for Sigma Phi Epsilon’s annual Surf Frenzy, which is a sorority dance competition.  Thank goodness Brooklyn (my committee partner) and I had our friend Amber to help us, or we never would have formulated the 12 glittered pandas for each dancer.

** Congrats to the AOII dancers for winning 3rd place!**  (Viewers have been saying we should have won 1st, but hey, you can’t win all the time.)


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